South Georgia House of Hope Re Entry Homes

“Look forward with hope not backward with regret”

The House of Hope owns three single-family homes nearby the main residence for ladies who want to stay connected after completing the program.  These houses provide a safe place for the transition into a fast-paced society, while also maintaining accountability.  This also allows the women to learn how to re-establish living responsibly on their own and gives them an opportunity to walk out what they have learned over the past year.  Some of the responsibilities include: money management, maintain the residence, being held accountable, attending church and group meetings, giving back to the community, and building healthy relationships. It is encouraged that during this time that the ladies either find employment or go back to school to finish their education.  It is our heart’s desire to see the ladies walk in the freedom of who they are in Christ and to give back the love that has been freely given to them. The Re-Entry phase is highly recommended to each lady completing the residential program.  This step  greatly increases their chances of success and significantly decreases their risk of relapse.