South Georgia House of Hope Salsas and Jams  

Homemade jams made with love:

• Strawberry • Strawberry jalapeno • Cran-strawberry • Blueberry • Blackberry • Spicy pineapple • Peach • Peach jalapeno • Pepper jelly • Kumquat marmalade • Mango jam 2011-09-15_17-08-05_353

Fresh salsas and spreads:

• Spicy mango • Spicy pineapple • Fresh tomato • Hummus • Pimento cheese

From the Garden

Canned fresh salsas:

• Spicy mango • Spicy pineapple • Tomato Garden Page All made with love. Come see us at Farm Days in Downtown Valdosta, GA. To order homemade jams or canned salsas, please call us at 229-241-2707. For fresh salsas, hummus or pimento cheese visit us at Farm Days.